Employment Exchange Management Information System, HP Govt.

Instructions to Employers

In order to make available the data of registered candidates to you, following procedure may be followed:

Employer Registration
  1. Visit the http://admis.hp.nic.in/eemis web-site and choose the option ‘Employer Registration’.
  2. Enter the details correctly and submit the information online to the Directorate.
  3. The Directorate will come to know the details entered and will check the information fed by you and then will allot the login and password for further action.

It is in your interest that the company may be registered only once. If any employer/company is registered more than once, then it is the duty of the company to check the details and request the Directorate of Employment to delete all duplicate registrations but keep only the original one.

Vacancy Booking
  1. Visit the site http://admis.hp.nic.in/eemis and choose option ‘Employer’ and login using user name and password provided to the company/employer.
  2. Select the option ‘Vacancy Booking’ and then fill in the details correctly. Select the candidates by giving the correct qualification details required for the vacancy/post being requestioned.
  3. The list of candidate selected will be available to the Central Employment Cell electronically who will then process the information related to the vacancy booked.
  4. The Central Employment Cell at Directorate will see the vacancy booked and issue Call letter to all the candidates for appearing for the interview as well as a letter to your company mentioning the details of the candidates.
Finalisation of Vacancy

The Employer is requested to undertake the following work related to a vacancy during and after the selection of the candidates:

  1. On the date of the interview, the details of the candidates present for the interview may be entered on the web-site by selection the option ‘Candidate Attendance’.
  2. After the interview, pls. enter the details of the candidates who were selected out of the candidates present on that day.

The above will give Employment Exchanges to serve you in better way as the non-interested candidates may be debarred getting the Interview call letters and from appearing for interview.

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